Continental Tire, Forgiato Wheels, and Hankook Tire in 2011 SEMA

 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Continental Tire brought in a seems like a stainless steel car to the show floor and hyped with some really cool works.  And of course, with Ayanna Jordan too!

 We don't think the finish is in Audi's catalog...
 This is the side performance by the main display space, that fans can dress up like a modern Viking and pose with modern gorgeous model!
 Look delicious!!
 Forgiato brought in a different style and totally cool Mercedes-Benz.

 And you can tell the car model just by the curves and lines, right?

 Impressive, very impressive!!

 Hankook Tire brought in their cool drifting cars and the newest model of tires.

 Pirelli display is a bit conceptual and lifestyle.  It's not quite directly Tire-In-Your-Face approach, but rather a more casual and comfortable-lifestyle ambiance.  We applaud for the unconventional marketing!  Great job!

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