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Official Car/Bike Owner Showcase Form

Here at W&HM, we love to promote car/bike owners with their proud possessions (cars/bikes, we mean) and their car clubs. We take feature submissions for our magazine's print edition as a W&HM feature car/bike. 


Please feel free to send in the following information and photo folder link. We will review the submission. If chosen, we will let you know and will work with you to create the feature and feature e-tearsheets for you. We can also provide the high-resolution tearsheet digital copy to the owner for their own printed plaque use. (We don't provide printing/framing services.)


These services are free of charge, as our service to the auto community promotes a greater presence and exposure. We welcome all types of autos (all types of cars, motorcycles, off-road, overland), from all over the world.


We look forward to hearing from you soon! Wish all the best and safe driving!

W&HM / Py Pai, Chief Editor

Please fill out the below form and send us the link to your photo cloud folder to info@wheelsandheelsmag.com. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you!


Your public name (to be used in the feature):





Nickname if any:

Car club if associated:

A brief list of modifications done to the car (5 - 20):


Web Link:

Instagram Link:

Other Link:


Q: When did you start your car mod/work?


Q: What inspired you to do it?


Q: What is the most rewarding work you've done on it?


Q: If you give one tip from your experience, what would it be?


Q: What is planned for future works?



Please send 10 - 15 photos that you own the rights*, of your car, in the following format:

- Bigger than 3300 x 2550 @ 300 dpi

- No watermark on the photos. You will be fully credited in the feature 

- Photos either with/without the owner or other related personnel at your preference

* Rights mean that you took the pictures or someone did for you and gave you rights to publish them

Please upload your photos to a cloud folder (google drive, dropbox,...) and send us the download link. No email attachment, please.

We may do final photo cleaning or exposure correction to look consistent with our magazine style.


By sending your information and photos, you grant W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine the non-exclusive publishing rights. 

Once we receive the complete information, we will start the review process. If your submission is approved, we will let you know when it's scheduled for publishing. After the publication is released, we will send you the e-tearsheets for your use. 

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