2013 #NASCAR Royal Purple 300 Pre-Race Part 2

Fontana, CA (W&HM) - The actual race is starting!  It's very exciting to see all the competition cars entering the "stock car racing arena".  This is the race of Royal Purple 300, so there was only 150 laps to run, and not all the drivers were qualified to compete.
And the race is on!  You can hear the thunders following those cars and the raw power enraged adrenaline through everybody's body.  Most of the time, the drivers were jostling for positions and sometimes they were alone or almost lonely by themselves chasing their goals or dreams ahead.
It came to the final moment of truth that Kyle Busch won the race.  Here he did a burn out in front of the grand stand, celebrating the victory.
And he took the victory flag too.  And the crew celebrated their win!
Here Kyle Busch at the opening ceremony, accepting many awards and prizes. 


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