2013 DUB Show LA Car Picture Highlights 1 #DUB

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - We are covering this huge event with many pictures of cars, interiors, paint jobs, wheels and more!  2013 DUB LA show is a huge one and we certainly had a full day of work to capture many custom, vintage, hi-end, as well as unique cars at the show.

The show was held at the big + big Los Angeles Convention Center.  When you entered the hall way, you see rows and rows + rows of cars, under the bright ceiling spotlights.  Each section has their own unique presentations and it was a big beauty contest for sure, for cars.  One of the most spectacular attributes of these cars are that they are sparkling and shiny.  No matter where you go, you see cars that are like 1920 Hollywood Glamour movies that dancers jumping off to waters and then synchronizing with other swimmers.  Well there were no swimmers here, but the cars have similar effects of showing their brightest, shiniest, sparklingest finishes here.  It's a candy land of cars, but then it would not be right to call them candy cars, because they all are serious work with sweat and money.  This is a very serious industry and the amount of work put in to these cars are not for a faint of heart, but only die-hard fans or professionals.  The meticulous works showed throughout the floor and one could only do admiring them and nothing else.

It's a great show and we are very happy to cover them here.  Also be sure to check out the model section of the DUB 2013 coverage.  You will be equally impressed for sure!

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