2013 Eibach Meet by LumDigital (Updated)

2013.0417 Updated: According to Clint, who was at the factory tour, Eibach said that they do in-house production as much as possible. This is a key difference than others, that the parts are built with high quality and precision and durability here in the US.  And the tight precision control as well as the abilities to produce part shapes that are difficult to manufacturing, set them apart from other manufacturers or import companies.We can see the success formula in this great company!

cars.wheelsandheelsmag.com / Los Angeles, CA (photo by Clinton, Text by Py) - Our true car-passionate Clinton Lum, right after two long days of gruesome Formula Drift event coverage, went to the Eibach car meet and had a cool factory tour,  Eibach is well known for their professional grade springs as well as anti-roll kits.  This meet was a great opportunity to see how the products are actually made and meet other Eiback enthusiasts.

To really understand the great products from Eibach, Clint did a factory tour and was shown how the great products are made, including the shock springs, and others.  The quality control  room and shops also showed how the product were well tested and manufactured, including their PRO KIT, PRO-PLUS, and other PRO series products.

Coming back to the awesome cars, there were several cool ones at the parking lot with the product.  Scion's FR-S seems to be a favor these days.  

There will be more Eibach meets coming up, including the May 19, 2013, Eibach Honda meet at Lake Elsinore, CA.  Awesome!



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