2013 Formula Drift Round 1 Long Beach Day 1 Quick View #formuladrift #drifting

wheelsandheelsmag.com / Long Beach, CA (Py) - We want to bring you the first hand pictures of the Formula Drift Round 1 Long Beach event.  The Friday opened with an overcast, but when the practice run started, the clouds got burned out, and the sky is replaced with the smoke coming from the tires of the fierce FD drifting competitors trying out the course.

This year is the 10th anniversary of Formula Drift, and there are a lot of new changes brought to the cars, the competition, and the event.  The first thing you may or may not notice is the look of the driver decal.  They are smaller than the past big square and have a subtlety in them.  However, if you blur  your camera a bit, then sure you will miss the name and the number or sometimes the country flag.  But we are sure that the true fans know their beloved drivers and cars by heart already.

Then the competition rules are also different.  The new scoring system makes today's competition even more important.  Check out the Formula Drift web site for more information [ext link].

There are also new entries of cars, including the FR-S's for Ryan Tuerck and Tony Angelos.  This adds more diverse flavors to the races and see how they fare compared to others.


We look forward to tomorrow's main competitions and see who will come out the top and which car is the best!  Stay tuned!


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