2013 Melyssa Grace Music Video Shoot at V's Performance

Orange, CA (Py) - If a great solder is identified by his scars, then looking at Melyssa Grace's car here and you can tell that her drifting hard work definitely shows through her cool car's both exterior and interior.  Cool!

At V's Performance place, the car meet gathered quite a few enthusiasts for the good cause of Melyssa's video shoot, as well as great BBQ.  It's a sunny day with booming music, and smell of enticing BBQ, it's destined to be a good time.
V's Performance (web site here [ext link]) is all about quality and professional work on performance cars.  They are located in Orange, CA, in the industrial blocks.  They have a long history of making high end cars working to pitch perfect and being innovative about their technical advances.  Great work guys!


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