Eibach Car Meet and Factory Tour Pictorial Grand Collection (Lumdigital)

Corona, CA (Photo and Key Text by Lumdigital) - This is a grand collection of the photos and additional information from the Eibach tour that our sage Clint has brought back to us.  Totally awesome!!

Eibach is certified by the highest ISO 9001:2000 international quality standard.  This allows the company to have consistent, high performance products.  Their R&D, manufacturing, and testing is done at their on-site in their Corona facilities

Their manufacturing capabilities include,
Tempering , as well as shot peened which removes burrs on metal.  This provides a good surface for powder coating.  Powder coating:  method of applying powdered paint onto electrically charged parts that are then baked in a high temp oven to fuse the particles.  Powdercoating is a very durable finish, offers a wide range of colors, and is environmentally safer when compared to liquid applied paint systems.

Manufactures for other companies, NASCAR, as well as the military, such as,
  • Performance Springs
  • Suspensions Systems
  • Coilovers
  • Sway bars
Please find the original (updated) article about other information of the Eibach tour.
And here is the complete collection of the car pictures from the car meet at the location.


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