2013 #Hooters Ontario CA #SShowcase Car Show Part 1

Ontario, CA (Py) - We are honored to join this year's Hooters Ontario CA SShowcase 2013 car show event.  They primarily, actually only focus on the American cars here.  It's an exhilarating experience to see the made in America beautiful and powerful proud works here!  Through out the show, you would see Rescoe's perfect 1957 Bel Air Chevy with all the original stock parts (that's amazing!) in this timeless piece of art!  Onto the history road, then we have Pontiac Firebird, as well as totally souped up Impala, to Chevy Trucks and more!  It's a feast of all kinds and all makes of the American Cars.  it's not an easy assemblage of these great cars especially the valley east here.  We highly appreciate this opportunity and greatly respect the organization and the team here, and very much look forward to next  year's!

Phil's 96' Chevy Impala with twin turbo engine of 1400 HP strong, is an award winning car that really shines at the show, literally.  If you look under the hood, there are so many parts that are so reflective, you would be super impressed by the work in there.  However the cosmetic does not blind you from other facts of the super powerful engine, and the published features and award stacked in the trunk.    It's a totally awesome car!
When we cruised down the american car lane by foot, we discovered many gems that you don't see in other car shows.  Each one has his / her own characteristics as well as quirkiness too.
This 00' F-body Pontiac Firebird Trans AM LSI engine really brought back some goodies of the old memory lane.  Firebird's distinctive design and build signifies the all american spirit and definitely an icon of the era!  Great one!!
John's 07' Chevy Corvette 206 has a bright yellow and black paints that make the car as visually loud as the powerful engine and exhaust pipes can deliver!
And we were very happy to see the Hooters girl at the scene who really brought out the fun-ness and the American-ness to the show.

Two more coverage article of this awesome car show follow this article!


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