2013 #Hooters Ontario CA SShowcase Car Show Part 3

Ontario, CA (Py) - We truly appreciate Roscoe's patient demonstration of his 57' Bel-Air Chevy, "Never Restored, All Original" beloved beauty.  When we were taking the pictures of his car, he proactively approached us and explained all the goodies and insides of his gorgeous car.  It's all original parts and heart without any restored elements (only exception is the radio).  You cannot stop admiring the history and the curves and the design and the colors and the everything about it.  That's why we took so many pictures of it!  Simply wow!

Yolanda's 13' Dodge Challenger V6 3.6 L provides a great contrast for the new era of design and muscle cars.

Jon's 95' Caprice Wagon definite has its own characteristic and even the license plate placement is original.  Cool!
Keith's 96' Buick Road Master Wagon ,"Woodies Rule!"  We love the wood trims and panels!  It totally evoked the good old 50's out in the woods family trip feel... Super awesome!


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