Big Picture Collection of #ExtremeDimensions Open House #CarMeet - Part 1

Fullerton, CA (W&HM) - Under the passing heat wave through the Orange County, many + many cars showed up at the Extreme Dimensions Open House car meet.  This year is the biggest gathering that we've seen so far!  We still remember last year that the parking lot was half full and guest parking spaces were easy to find.  However, this year the turn out seemed to be at least 50% more and made the event a great hang out spot for the car lovers.

Across various models and makes of cars, each one has his / her own modifications that make them stand out.  Of course, we have a special place for different rims and wheels.  There are so many different styles that they become cultures of design and philosophy, or even lifestyle.

With this growth rate, we see that next year's Extreme Dimensions Open House will be a major car show event for cars, parts, and a good weekend chill out.  Keep up the great job guys!

This is part 1 of the 3 parts collection.


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