GSWERKS Goon Lab Grand Opening Open House Palmdale Car Meet

Palmdale, CA (Py) - In a peaceful sunny day at Palmdale, about 60+ miles north of Los Angeles, over the other side of the big Angels National Forest mountains, GSWerks and Goon Lab had a grand opening of their shop, and invited many local car enthusiasts to join them for a good time Sunday afternoon.

The shop is strategically located about 20 miles from the Rosemond Raceway, where many racing and drifting are happening all year round, including Redline Time Attack and Pro-Am drifting and others.  They specialize in performance fabrication work on cars, especially on the racing cars.  People go to the racing competitions can also drop off their cars here and when the race is done, the car may be ready as well for pick up.  Very convenient!

"We just opened the shop about a month ago", said the Daniel Carrillo, the owner of GS Werks, indicating that after they have worked on cars for many years and it's time to have their own shop now.
When asked what types of cars they work on, Dan said that they primarily focus on the performance cars.  And the most popular cars here are Nissan, and they also do European cars like BMW, as well as American.  We applaud their 3-continent range of great car's gutsy work.
The shop not only provides services, they also sell parts.  They are the very few performance fabrication shops in the region.  We look forward to see them flourish with all the great work!
We have to salute the genius of the Mario Brothers and Woody + Buzz Lightyear upholstery on the interior ceiling here... One of a kind for sure!
It's a happy meet in a hot but beautiful day!


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