#Subiefest #Fontana 1st Person Survey on Vendors and Associated Cars

Fontana, CA (W&HM) - At the Subiefest Fontana this year, you can sense the strong passion and love among the car owners and vendors.  It started even before the show that many vendors signed up to be there.  At the event day, early in the morning, people already lined up to get in to the event place.  Some said that they waited as long as 45 min in the 0.5 mile line to get through the entrance.  We salute their dedication!

When we got in, we saw lines and lines and another parking lot of lines and lines of Subaru cars, in all types and mods and colors.  That's quite a scene!

We definitely saw a lot of vendors at the event, which did not disappoint us at all!  For the size of the show with so many vendors, we definitely applaud the organizer's hard work and vendors plus enthusiasts contributions to the show.  Great job!
Cobb, rally sport direct
FR Sport, Whiteline (which got a quite a few super interesting cars that got a lot of attentions)
Engineered to win, Grimm Speed
South Coast of Subaru, Rav Spec Online
GT Spec, Endless Vaping,
7LAutosport, Yimi Sport
Advanced Clutch, Crawford Performance, Synapse
Borla, Subaru of Onatrio, DRP, Tomioka Racing
Forman Performance, EDO Performance
Drive M7 Energy Drink,
Irvine Subaru, Your Dream Garage, Clear Bra Pro
flawless Rides
AVO Turbo World, Race Room, Paranoid Fabrications
RPM (Racing Performance Motorsport)
Moroso, Rolotech Car Wraps, Trendy Threadz
Beat-Sonice, RS*R
OEM Audio Plus, Super Pro


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