2014 CES Photo Coverage - 3D Printing, Flying Drones, PC Cases and More...

Las Vegas, NV, by Py Pai - Here we have the photo coverage of 3D Printing technologies in full display.  3D printing section in CES is one of the most popular section of the show.  Not only the crowd was never empty there, even after the closing bell of the show hours, people were still lingering around gaining a glimpse of the newest doorway to the future.

Drone products are all over the place these days, especially with the buzzes of their potentials.  DJI is the king of the consumer/commercial drone company that produces great personal drone helicopter, as well as heavy duty commercial products.  We were extremely fortunate enough to win a blind-draw raffle to one of their Phantom 2 kit.  Of course, we were like the kid in a candy shop; could not contain ourselves for the joy of it.  After we test flew it both indoors and outdoors, we have to admit that there is a lot for us to learn.  The Phantom 2 is an awesome drone helicopter, and super popular to the consumer, and some commercial companies.  We witnessed the use of Phantom 2 combined with a camera in Taiwanese media news coverage, as well as many other creative usage.  In fact, if you notice, the most of drone youtube videos and community discussions are around DJI's Phantom 1 / 2, making them a super popular drone to fly for most of everyone these days.

We met up a Korean photo frame / book specialty company, cbn or cbn-hp.  They produce extremely high quality of photo consumer products, with a flair of Korean organic designs and natural materials.  If you have been to Korea and got a chance to appreciate their latest designs and integration with the natural resources, you would immediately recognize the fine craftmanship of the work here.  It was an extremely pleasant interview with the people at the booth and true admiration of their products there.

Cooler Master has hired two amazing models, Claudia Alan and Ashley Twomey.  But, besides that, they brought in their super awesome products in an exclusive suite in Palms hotel to demonstrate their products instead of being in a sea of other related or non-related noises in the CES show.  Their computer cases are unique and thematic which is perfect for gamers and technology enthusiasts.  Their new products of ipad/iphone/smartphone stands are new additions to their traditional flagship products, like the cooling fans, and components.  It's a great showing!


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