Creative Automotive Products and Marketing at 2014 CES Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV, by Py Pai - 2014 CES has several car vendors and car accessories companies that really stood out in their innovations and modern marketing efforts.  

LIT Motors, created the safer version of motorcycles, with wrap around shields to protect the rider.  This is not the first demonstration of such concept to come to the show.  However, it seems that they have better defined their markets now.  the two versions showed here gave people different utility use of the "cars".  It could be in a urban environment that requires swift maneuver as well as easy to carry cargo space.  Think pizza delivery for example.  They do seem to have good potential.  Maybe they follow the same bike laws that make city traffic a breeze to traverse through.

Various car gadgets can be found through out the convention hall.  Some are to improve the usability of the dashboard space, and some enhance your driving experience. 

The very sturdy phone seat are well made to phone models to ensure tight fit and does not drop your phone during a 2G turn.

The self-parking system can be integrated into many car systems.  It could make parking a no-brainier act.

The EnLighten system is an interesting concept.  Basically they pull metropolitan traffic light data and signal to the driver how long they red light there is going to be.  With better information at hand, you can decide to other other things instead of staring at the light change to avoid the rude honking in the back if you just hesitate one second after the light change.  However, they do need to get city's permissions to obtain the data access and streaming to the drivers.  Maybe the city needs to provide the information to everybody by installing the timer on each walk signal.  Until then, there is EnLighten at some of the cities in the west coast areas now.

The very flashy solar panel display on a car is more a marketing communication device than an actual demo of functionality.  Basically the vendor is selling their big umbrella of solar panels.  We cannot say that it's super practical to carry the solar-brella to picnic or road trip, but there may be some where this proves to be useful, such an off-grid island, or long term camping trip but still want to use modern technologies.


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