2013 SEMA More Tire Coverage from #Hankook, #Pirelli, #Falken #Continental and #Nitto

Las Vegas, NV, by Py – at the 2013 SEMA show, the tire and wheel companies pretty much took the 1/4 of the convention center space, occupying almost the entire floor of the South Hall. This year, there are some innovative designs that were showcased in the SEMA show.
At the Hankook booth, one of the eye catching designs is the spokeless tire.  It uses the corrugated rubber structure to absorb the compression.  There is no need to check air pressure anymore with this new design (top of the article)

At the Continental Tires booth, there were several really hot cars (together with hot models too.)  Definitely demonstrated the company’s cutting edge spirit!  On the banner,  you would notice that they are the tires that hold the world record of 222.971 mph speed.  Talk about speed and performance!

Nitto Tires came out with several new models of their tires and you can find a bit more details in the below pictures.
Pirelli had a big presence at the show.  Their various tire styles provided a wide selections of the usages in different road and weather conditions.

Falken Tires are always the front and center boothof the South Hall.  The performance tires are well known in the drifting world, and off road applications.


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