2014 #greystoneconcours The Modern Dawning Era Cars by @calibre68 Clinton Lum

Beverly Hills, CA, Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by Py Pai - After the WW2, life in the US and Western Europe launched many fireworks in the realm of innovation and function-meets-form debate.  Cars got streamlined, exteriors got louder, interior got more space-age like, and people wanted to be noticed.

We are happy to see many high performance sports cars and lifestyle cars at the 2014 Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance.  They range from Porsche, to Lamborghini, to American muscles and beauties like Thunderbird, Mustang, Shelby, Cobra, as we as Luxury ones, Rolls Royce.  Just like the era after the big war, things got bigger, more powerful, and full of new hopes...


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