2014 Spocom Car Super Show Anaheim Car Case - Part 1

 Anaheim, CA, by Py - This year's Spocom Super Show at Anaheim, is carrying the grand tradition of great cars, great mods, and great models and great vendors and parts!  Here you can see grand modifications and upgrades of cars that go beyond adding a wing or spoiler, or enlarge the tail pipe to look cool.  Here the cool are at the next level, and teams of cars are competing for the high honor of top trophies from the Spocom organization.

Through out the 100+ photo coverage of the cars, we can find highly decorated paint arts with anime motifs and characters as well as ultra modern flat design philosophy for the exteriors.  Then once inside the cars, you would find the non-stop eye catching accessories, from the seat replacements, dashboard mods, and meters and dials upgrades, as well as simply filling every inch of the interior with either plush fabrics or tons of video screens.  We are talking about lifestyle here.  If you go beyond the visible, opening up the hood, you would find treasure pots of glittering chrome engine blocks or neo-color coolant tubes, and super souped up horsepower in them.  On the other end of the cars, sub-wafers after sub-wafers with booming basses right next to the nitro tank making the cars look sexy and powerful.

Here we have four parts coverage of the grand car display in 2014 Spocom Super Show Anaheim.  Definitely check out some of the photos in details to see how many sweat and money have been invested in them to make huge differences from others to vying for eyeballs and ego-boosters.

Overall, 2014 Spocom Super Show Anaheim is another great success!  It's the biggest car show of its kind in Southern California.  We totally look forward to the next year's and do more awesome coverage for you!