#2Crave Top Cars and Cool Wheels at #SEMA2014

Top Cars and Cool Wheels #2Crave at #SEMA2014

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai - At the 2014 SEMA show, South Hall,where the major wheels and tires companies vying for attendees' attention, is at its best with the hottest cars and coolest wheels.  2Crave Wheels, carrying its strong tradition, came all out with huge marketing and promotional bangs.  They brought in the highly sought after, audience wowing, and super photogenic BMW i8 model.  It was one of the most photographed car at the show.  Everybody was instantly impressed by the swing up doors of the sleek i8 car body and construction.  It's almost impossible to get a clear shot of the car even if you wait long enough. That's how popular it was at the show!

During the show, 2Crave showcased many different wheels models.  The main ones include Big Bang, newly debuted at SEMA 2014, and generated a lot of buzzes at the show.  Then the also have the Heavy Hitter, which we saw since the DUB Show Los Angeles earlier this year.  And of course they have their signature Mach 2 series and others.  The speed of their new product introductions to the market is simply incredible.  That's how they keep things fresh, and design cool, and customers happy.

There are other amazing cars that 2Crave showcased at the show.  It was definitely a feast to the eyes and grand buffet to the wheels enthusiasts.

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