Huge #SEMA2014 Car Show Part 1 (70+ px) / Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai - SEMA is not just all about the auto parts and accessories.  There is a substantial portion of the show dedicated to the show cars or cool cars that you don't get to see in your commute everyday or even in your local dealerships.

During the 2014 SEMA show, the outside driveway section exhibit space was expanded and enclosed the entire shuttle terminals and parking lot areas.  That provided more space for the awesome cars that enthusiasts brought to the show, or sponsored rides to show off the latest and coolest gadgets that you could add your car.  It's a community activity as well.  After the four days event, there was the SEMA Cruise, which many of the cars at the show drove out of the convention center in parade, while thousands spectators watching them and know that these cars are real steel, not just flashes or looks.

Inside the convention center, SEMA center at the Center Hall lobby, you would find some of the cooles cars either retro of brand new.  Here we have a super cool Charger R/T that incorporates an futuristic look.

Then we have super sporty Corvette, as well as the Hollywood favorite, the Bat Mobile!

When you head outside, there are many and many cars there waiting for your inspection to your satisfaction.  There were so many that you may want to filter your attention to specific genres of the cars that you like. You can easily spot any kinds of the cars there, from domestic, to Asian and European, or some of them you may not even know where they came from.  That's what make the car show in SEMA a great added showcase to the hard and specs specific world inside.

They had Billy Gibbons from ZZ Tops at a TV show interview.  We think it's very fitting for the occasion.  They are our rock n' roll inspiration of wheels and heels with their "Legs" music video!

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