2015 6th Annual Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance Grand Highlight #greystoneconcours

A Grand Show of Vintage, Classic, And Extremely Rare Automobiles in the Legendary Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance 2015 Car Show

Beverly Hills / Py Pai

This year's Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance is another highly successful grand car show in the 6th year showing.  The city of Beverly Hills and The Friends of Greystone Mansion have contributed tremendously in making this wonderful show an important event in the southern California vintage and classic cars show world!
The weather just several days before the show was an uncharacteristic gloomy cold front.  However, as it heated up progressively ever since, so did the sky becoming clearer, especially on the day of the show.  Under the mildly warm sunlight, Greystone Concours on the splendid venue of the frequently filmed Greystone Mansion, showcased the very rare super collector cars that are not easily seen by any measures.

As shown in the coverage of last year's Greystone Concours, these cars are not just beautiful, elegant, classic, they are historical, well-seasoned, they are representations of the human touch of car designs and artisan crafts and arts.  In today's computer optimized and engineering driven economics, where the majority of the cars are the products of data thinking and marketing talking.  The show made it even more important not just for historical reminiscent reasons, but much more on bringing back the fancy thinking of human-first and true essence of our existence.
This year, even though the number of cars is not as big as last year's, it actually gave us a good chance to really inspect many of the great cars in display.  There are 15 classes of cars in total, including the very prominent Classics, Packard, Touring as well as the innovative eras of post war European and American.  There are individual major named brands, like Rolls Royce / Bentley, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Porsche 356 and Porsche, Ferrari, GM Muscle, Alfa Romeo, with additions of Sports racing and Motorcycles.

During the show, as we strolled around these amazing cars, we experienced one very magical thing.  There were many first time attendees, and they were very friendly and active in engaging conversations with show attendees.  They were passionately showing the details of their prided possessions.  Through several conversations, we learned a lot more about those cars, and their histories, as well as the uniqueness and special attributes or positions that they have.  This has been a wonderful spectator, reportage, and learning experience.

In the following days and weeks, we will highlight some of the great cars that we paid particular respect to with more detailed photos.  Definitely stay tuned!

The famous car guy of Los Angeles TV station ABC 7, Dave Kunz (in the middle) were in a bliss with these great cars and their owners.

At the Greystone Mansion, where meals were served, and the spirits were flowing.  At the Stella Artois booth, Chelsey Nordby (left) and Alyssa June gave us a photo op in their gorgeous bright red dresses.
This show is also a great opportunity for some really high performance super luxury cars to be shown at the dealer's booth.  We have the Mclaren and Pagani (check out the mirror ears) at the space.

Laura Baker was the darling of the memorabilia vendor at the show.

Overall, Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance is both an amazing car show and a wonderful learning experience for the families and everybody who attended the event.  We look forward to the next year's repeated success already!