Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2015 Selective Highlights Part 1 @extremedimensions

Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2015 Car Highlights Part 1

Fullerton, CA / W&HM Staff
This year's Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show is something very different.  It's the biggest and the most successful that we've ever seen.

Out in the sky showed a gloomy weather, which is actually cool compared to the searing hot 100F in some of the past shows,  People came out in droves!  The gigantic parking lot used to be half filled, now is in its total capacity, lined up with all types of cars and trucks and vendors.  We especially want to commend the great efforts by the Extreme Dimensions' marketing Dan Vo for reaching out and touched the world and created such a successful show for all tuner car enthusiasts and fans.

Walking across the parking lot, you would encounter tons of highly tuned and upgraded cars sprawling across the facilities.  This is like a Spring bloom in the car show sense.  We have more selective highlights of car coverage in multiple parts.  Definitely check them out following this link.

This is a great show very successfully organized and run.  We definitely look forward to the next year's repeated success!  Great job Extreme Dimensions Team!!