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Aug 27, 2015

A Truly Beautifully Beat Up Vintage Mazda Cappela RE at Auto Enthusiast Day

 It Is So Bad That It Is Truly Beautiful!  The Vintage Beat Up Mazda Capella RE at Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day 2015

Anaheim, CA / W&HM
We've seen vintage cars, and we've even seen beat up vintage cars.  However, this one really topped the beat up department by far.  Everything you see looks original, or to the point of like original.  This really "seasoned" vintage Mazda Capella RE is so rusty and the rubber is so worn that you would worry how it got here.  None the less, the owner had done

NEW!! Wheels and Heels Magazine Launched Brand New Car Show "TOP PICK" Car Seal

We Launched The Brand New "TOP PICK" Car Show Show Car Seal of Approval!!

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
We are excited to announce that we have launched a new class of coverage of show cars in car shows and events.  Wheels and Heels Magazine TOP PICK show car seal is designated to the cars that truly catch our eyes and worth our camera doing more investigation.  This is a way to say "Great Job!!  Well Done!!" to the dedicated owners of these amazing cars at the car shows.

We care for all makes and models of cars.  However, we are particularly drawn to the cars that have unique characteristics, especially,

  • Unique looks and styling
  • Creative parts and upgrades
  • Highly customized works 
  • Sophisticated and elaborate paint arts
  • Cars that have been featured in the magazine before
These are the awesome cars that we want to show to our readers how amazing they are!  It is also a big nod to the owners for their great job and efforts and investments and sponsorship!

During the evaluation process at car shows, if we find cars that we are interested we would usually hand out a sheet to the owner for more information.  If the information is returned timely, it would raise the chance to be our "TOP PICK" and featured here!  So if you get a "W&HM TOP PICK" Request for Info sheet, please fill it out soonest you can and return to us or email back to us.  
May the best and most beautiful and the most mods win!!