W&HM Top Picks from 2015 Corros Y Corridos Car Show

The Loud and Hot Car Show of Corros Y Corridos 2015 in Ontario California

Ontario, CA / W&HM
It's a very hot day, especially in the Inland Empire region where the desert meets mountains forming a perfect heat trap from the west or the east or the north or simply from the sky.  At whopping 'bout 100F degrees, The car show that showed a great community of the Hispanic as well as other car lovers to show their support to their cars, sponsors, and the cause. The car show is called "Carros Y Corridos".  Even though the ticket price for spectators, especially at door, is generally higher than the average big car shows, there were still sizable people and families showed up to support the show, and enjoyed the great performances of various highly notable bands.

During the show, we did our evaluation, and picked
these cars as our top picks from the car show. We simply love their builds, customization, as well as their paint arts.  Many were from the famous clubs including Nokturnal, Swift, Xplizit, and several others.  We will be showing these cars in their detailed coverage in the following days.  definitely stay tuned and check them out!!