2015 Formula Drift Final Fight Irwindale Pit Coverage of Pro Drift Cars Part 1

Various Drift Car in The Pit Stop for Tune Ups at The Formula Drift Irwindale, Final Fight Event, 2015

Irwindale, CA / Py Pai
At the Formula Drift events, one of the key attractions is to see the drift cars up close and also opportunities to meet the hero drift driver themselves!  At the Final Fight event in Irwindale, the challenges in drifting has increased dramatically due to the slight changes of the course.  Many of the competition cars were banged up because those unexpected or unfamiliar curves and turns.  We have gathered here some of the drift cars for a close inspection and show the muscles and powers inside these impressive and swift monsters!

Formula Drift Pro Driver Briggs Ride 

 Formula Drift Pro Driver Yokoi's Car

 Formula Drift Pro Driver Forrest Wang's Car