Highlights of #SEMA 2015 Wheels Company Products and Displays @Semashow

Entering SEMA 2015 South Hall is like going to a Disneyland if you are a big wheels fan.  There are so many companies vying for your glimpses and close inspections and hopefully to win your business.

We have brought you some of the exciting new products as well as amazing companies to you.  Here is a highlight of our coverage that will run in the next several days.

SEMA Show is a Gigantic Showroom for Wheels Lovers and Lifestyle Extenders!

Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai

Wheels Industry has always been a great supporter and sponsors of the SEMA show with a long history.  Every year that we have covered so far, it always has the prime and prominent venue space, the South Hall, for the best of the best.  

In the sprawling theoretically 10 football field size first floor exhibit space, it was packed back to back with many of the industry named brands, including 2Crave, Ace. Advanti, American Force, CEC, Concept One, Enkei, Giovanna, Konig, Kraze, MKW, Rucci, Savini, Strada, TWG, Velocity, and many others

On top of all these, there are many more companies displayed outside the convention hall, as well as the Performance Pavilion too, including Asanti, Center Line, FondMetal, Gear, Haas, Motiv, and more.
This year, at the SEMA 2015, the big theme is off road trucking tires and wheels.  On the wheels side, many established companies venture into the off road world, coming out reinforced engineering designs for the rugged requirements, with very well articulated aesthetics infused in the products.

At the same time, the luxury and performance offerings for the wheels demands continue to occupy a large space in the presence at the SEMA show.  Beyond the conventional styling of black and chrome, some carried their traditions with vibrant color coatings, as well as various finishes.  Some of them, you can immediately identify the types of the cars that they are perfect for and some of them give you a free brush to paint to any cars that you can imagine.  

This is truly the beauty of all the wheels company come under one roof and give choices and inspirations for people to extend their lifestyles and imagery.

Here are a quick highlight of some of the wheels companies that we have covered during the SEMA 2015 show.  The more in-depth pictorial coverage will come out in the next several days, so please stay tuned!
2Crave Heavy Hitters
Big Bang Wheels
Savini Forged Wheels
 Savini GRID Wheels
MKW Wheels
Enkei Wheels
 DST Wheels
 W-1 Warehouse
 Konig Wheels
 Velocity Wheels
 D Centi Wheels
 F1R Wheels
 SOTA Wheels (Formerly BMF)
 Concetp One Wheels
 Kraze Wheels

 Center Line Alloy Wheels

 Pinnacle K2 Off Road Wheels
 We have no idea who this company is (in the Performance Pavilion)
 Asanti Wheels
CEC Wheels