SEMA 2015 Wheels Coverage: Velocity Wheels and D Centi Wheels

The unmistakable emerald city in the SEMA 2015 South Hall, Velocity Wheels always make a huge impression on attendees with their huge display, cool lines of wheels, as well as posh cars and hot models.

Velocity Wheels and D Centi Wheels Always Make Huge Displays at SEMA Show, Again in 2015

Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai

This year, Velocity Wheel has much to show in the SEMA 2015 show, and their coolest lines of big wheels were shown here in the full article.  Velocity has multiple brands of wheels under this grand brand.  Many different styles suit various lifestyles how people love their rides to be in.  From luxury, to performance, to muscles, their wheels maintain a sense of sleekness and sturdiness to the core.

The D Centi Wheels line targetted for the international markets, have their signature finish and manufactured exclusively by the company itself.  We salute to this production and brand combination that don't exist much anymore.

Here is more detailed coverage of the Velocity Wheels and D Centi Wheels at SEMA 2015.

D Centi Wheels