#SEMA 2015 Extreme Performance Cars That Drew Huge Interests From Attendees

Las Vegas, NV / www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

One of the key show car attractions at the SEMA show is the extreme performance cars that people don't see everyday or even once in their life.

Some of the cars that are so customized and made that simply is the once in a life time chance to see them in person.

The highly articulated GTR from the Savini Wheels was brought in from Japan and had only a very limited appearance on the west coast.  '

We believe that these are 3D printed wrap that fit to the car piece by piece.  It's such a work of art that it is hard not to say wow and have your fingers reach out and feel it.  Overall, it's a very good year for the extreme performance cars for this year's SEMA show.