Big #CES2016 Day One Highlight Coverage From W&HM #WANDHM

It's a Big Day of Automobiles and Flying Objects as Day One of The Consumer Electronic Show 2016

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Las Vegas, NV / / Py Pai

Even before the opening of the highly anticipated Consumer Electronic Show (CES) this year, there has been a lot of big talks and rumors circulated throughout the internet as well as the car communities just how many of the exciting news were about cars, all types of cars.

The CES has dedicated a big portion of the North Hall to the car manufacturers as well as car accessories, plus there are many satellite vendor presences that have the their offerings to the auto-mobile and connected world.

Of course CES has a lot of other exciting consumer markets, including drones, multi-media, 3D-printing, wearables, fitness, and many other interesting areas of subjects.  However, the car industry has not had such enthusiasm around for a long time, and this year, it has come out with a super strong force, almost like the latest monstrous-hit Star Wars movie; ie. away from the "always new" and finally connected to the past.

Before we jump to that, here is a quick update on the promotional front.  This year, for some reason, we did not find a whole lot of models.  If last year has 10 models, then this year, probably it would be like 2 3 or 4 in comparison.  It's quite unusual for this gigantic size of trade shows to have such low turn out.  Nonetheless, we still found our cover model Leila Knight, as well as our feature model Dennii at the show.  It's just a great relief!  More will appear later in this article, so read on!

Faraday Future FF ZERO 1 #FFZERO1, Futuristic Indeed

The first booth that we rushed to right after 10am door opening is Faraday Future.  There has been a lot of talks about this new company that could surpass Testla soon.  However, through our interview with the people there, it's more perceived as an electrical car community building.

The futuristic, single seater electrical car, FF ZERO 1 has generated tons of buzz before the show.  It is unconventional from the outside to the inside.  The Tron-Movie-like design conjures a several generation leap forward. The chassis designs support various types of utilities, including sports performance, as well as commute sedan, or others.  We got an ETA of the availability to be around two years.  We definitely will hear more from them along the way.

Audi Design Wow'd Us Again

Audi's display space is always an eye opening experience, and this years chrome finished construction is no exception.

Volkswagen Turned Boxy Into Fun

VW despite the drag of diesel scandal continues produces many cool and yet practical cars and they are showing at the impressively big floor at CES.

 Toyota's Fuel Cell Car Upgrades

Just like their sibling Toyota Hybrid, the fuel cell technology has kept advancing to the next generation.  From the first one Murai, and now to the FCV PLUS.  We sure will see more of this front of the path being carved or digged farther down the road.

 Toyota Concept Car - KiKai 

According to the presenter, Kikai in Japanese means Mechnism in an artistic or craft sense. It seems that Japan has a wind of retro almost Steampunk like of Renaissance. Case in point is the Nikon's Df camera, which has all the mechanical feel to it.  KiKai has some of the true-to-the-core design that non of the electronics can emulate, because they are simply the essence of the concepts.

 Car / Motorcycle Audio Systems Are a Huge Business

Including ARC Audio


 And this design will be available in 2017 and you see it here first!

 Cerwin Vega

 Ford is Building a Bike! Electrical!  MoDe

Here is something that we don't expect from the Ford Motor company.  The two wheeler bike, MoDe, is an intelligent electrical bike that is linked to your cell phone.  It can be folded to be put into a car's trunk.  Through the app, navigation as well as alerts and other features can provide further assistance.  Very cool, we say!

 The Racing / Drifting / Rally Guru Ken Block Being Interviewed at Ford Stage

The legendary Ken Block talked a lot of his life and drifting/rally experiences, accompanied by the super viral videos that features his unbelievable driving precision and god-like moves.

genZe 2.0 Electrical Scooter a Smooth Ride to The Future

 We have been invited to talk to the bright people in genZe and take a test drive of their electrical scooter.  Through the interview, we learned a lot of very encouraging things about the electrical scooter's future, which we believe is a key element in the new urbanization trend.
 This 30 mph top speed qualifies as a scooter so that you don't need a heavy duty license in order to ride it.  The range could go around 30 - 40 miles on a single charge, which is plenty for many live-not-too-far-from-work commuters.  You can also get an extra battery to  go so that the range can be extended.

We took a test drive and have pleasantly learned that there are three types of riding modes: Safe, Ecom, and Sport.  Of course, safe mode it is!  The ride was really smooth and natural and safe for sure.  After little three rounds scooting, we think that we got it!  Great work!

We will have more in depth interview article in the future.  Stay tuned!

 Gogoro Debuted last year (2015) 

We covered them in our last year's CES report, and we were happy that they are finally available in the market now.  

 Intel, Realsnse and Personal Robot

You probably has seen a lot of Jim Parsons (aka Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory) commercial talking about Intel Realsense.  You may have scratched your head asking what it's about...  Now Intel has built a prototype of personal robots with the Realsense 3D technology integrated.  Now it all comes together... Robot needs to know how to deal with human being interactively...

 Parrot's All Flavor of Drones, Flying Drones, Rolling Drones, and Drone Boats...

The French company has fired all cylinders and showcased many, like many many, varying technologies, especially in the drone department. In one of the demo, they had a fleet of palm size drones like 8 of them, doing all kinds of unthinkable areal acrobats, like flying in circle then line up in two rows stationary hovering, and then one by one jumping and flipping from one end to the other.  Truly spectacular!

 Electrical + Scooter = Popularity

Once the two concepts caught on, and someone started to make products of the combination, many have followed  At the CES show, we witnessed numerous electrical scooters running left and right.  We are sure that they will be all over the place, unless the Lithium battery spoils the party again.

 Fully Immersed Corvette Driving Simulation

What can we say, this is a nerd's dream... a Corvette in the living room, rocking back and forth, left and right in front of three large screen panels... Cool!

 Personal Drone, Like a Real Person Inside a Drone

Through the conventional drone design, came the expanded vision of housing a person inside the drone and make the propellers more powerful.  Definitely this is the future.

 Drone in a Box, a Round Box

We saw a demo of this little steam-rice-pot like drone that actually flies. It does not have banana chopping propeller blades protruding outside, making it a super safe and more robust solution.  it's less noisy too!

 ZTE is Ready to Do a Slamp Dunk in The US Market

ZTE is huge, very very big.  However, they only appear in the CES shows.  US market does not see this company's popular products which has been best sellers in China and other parts of the world.  We heard the rumor that they may make an inroad to the US market soon.  However we could not get a word on that from the official yet.  We are sure that more info will come in the pike.
 Our feature model Dennii!!  It's so good to see this great friend!!
 Thiis flagship ZTE phone can do a lot of magical effects with its built in camera, like star trails, light painting.

8K TV is On The Horizon!!

We have not yet fully embraced the 4K TVs yet, and now 8K is coming out.  Panasonic has this model in display and the details and colors are amazing.

 Gaming and VR Are BIG in This Year's CES

If you put on a few pair of goggles, people will automatically line up for the experience of them.  VR is certainly making a solid footstep in the show.  And gaming is so big now (more than movie industry), there is a lot of money to spend and to market.  Many of the downstream markets are benefiting from this trend for sure!

We Finally Found More Models to Cover!

 Bower with Kirsty

Wacom with Julianne

 Intel with ... Burning Man?

 Star Wars, The Force is Strong!

Of course, how can we close this highlight without the Star Wars StormTroopers, or alike... 


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