Lifestyle Show Off 2 - Final Thought of a Wonderful Show Well Executed / W&HM Staff
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We had a marvelous time at the Lifestyle Show Off 2 in the Yanks Air Museum parking lot.  This is like the canary of the car show season, signaling a great season that is coming.  We've seen many cool cars that showed up their support to the show.  We see a great community coming together in a proportionally strong way.  The relaxing atmosphere, juxtaposed with fierce sound off competitions made it all friendly and fun.

We sure look forward to the season to be kicked wide open soon, starting this weekend's back-to-back car shows and then following non-stop weekends of car shows and more car shows.

We sincerely thank and congratulate the team that put together this show for a greater community of car lovers and car families to have the opportunity to build the centrifugal force to the common dedication to car and the modified culture.

We look forward to the next year's event again soon!!
Lifestyle Show Off 2

600+ Horse Powered Mitsubishi!

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