Nissfest Fontana 2015 - Quick Pictorial Higlights / W&HM Staff

Nissfest back in 2015 has been a great relaxing Nissan car lover community social event.   At the high sun of Fontana, Autoclub Speedway, the weather was a picturesque southern California beauty.

Across the parking lot of the pit area, rows of the vintage, classic, modern, and ultra contemporary Nissan makes were in full display.  Families with young and friends, were strolling through cars after cars, inspecting the mods and checking out the inside and outside.

In the show event, they also had the now standard bearing of any boutique car show events, the sound off competitions.  Various engine revving enthusiasts would compete for the crowd's approval by generating that macho engine muscle noise, in hope to out roar the other opponent.

Overall, it's a wonderful time to spend a weekend at, especially if you are a true Nissan car lover.  We sure look forward to the next time in this year!

** Note: if your car is in this coverage, please email us at so that we can provide proper credit(s) to you.


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