New Kid in Town, Divergent 3D at CES 2017 @Divergent3D / W&HM Staff ** Note: if your car is in this coverage, please email us at so that we can provide proper credit(s) to you.
These few years in auto manufacturing, are a Renaissance period.  Several key innovations have made quantum leaps in the engineering of this one century old industry.  We now have electrical vehicles that are commercially viable and actually successful too.

To add to this surge in ideas and technologies, 3D printing is a great new birth on the scene that revolutionize how we design cars.

The advantages of 3D printing especially in car frames, and parts, include fast prototyping, small quantity production, change on the fly, and shortened product production cycle, as well as fast delivery time and more personalization.

Last year, we were wow'd by the 3D printed car frame, but it was clearly at its infancy.  The frame showcased was not yet deburred, and the monotone finish indicates that roughness and rawness of this technology.
Divergent 3D has done a great job in bringing their 3D sculpted and produced cars and motorcycles to the mass public for the showing and generating buzzes.  The sleek designs of these automobiles demonstrate not only the intricacy of the complex parts designs, but also the aesthetically pleasing finishes.
Together with the vibrant colors and stunning constructions, Divergent 3D is becoming the Tesla of the 3D printed car vertical.

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