Conference Meeting Ready @Panasonic Concept Car Interior Design in @CES 2017 / W&HM Staff ** Note: if your car is in this coverage, please email us at so that we can provide proper credit(s) to you.
When it comes to car design to Panasonic, people may scratch their heads.  However, when it comes to electronic designs then we have high respect to the highly innovative consumer technologies company.

Panasonic has always been the slightly ahead of the curve, cutting edge company, that bring affordable and creative and highly quality goods to the general public.

In the case of car interior design this is no exception.  While everybody is thinking how to take the steering wheel of the car, the smart company turned the table of the seats in this case, a 180.  They bring the conference room into the car now that we may not need a driver on seat in future transportation.

Obviously, the application of the mobile conference set up is not limited to just the self driving cars, but also highly transportable to any constricted space for business or family use, from land to sea to air.

We look forward to seeing the great design populated across many segments of our lives.

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