Big Highlight of Relaxing in SoCal 2017 Car Show in Carson CA #relaxinginsocal

The unique lowriders, tall trucks, heavily modified, and rusty oldies at the Relaxing in So-Cal 2017 car show at Stubhub Center / Py Pai
** Note: if your car is in this coverage, please email us at so that we can provide proper credit(s) to you.

Relaxing in SoCal car show always bring visually exciting and chrome dazzling cars together, that no other car shows can be so open and yet this focused.  We totally applaud the organizer's concept for the car.

At the early part of the show we got to check out the cars without much interruptions and crowds.  Any finger prints are being wiped out on the surface of these pristine machinery.  The sun was just sheepishly peeked through the clouds and gave all these beautiful cars a life and a stage to shine.
We got to meet some of the coolest people including Beyon with WWLC (World Wide Lancer Club and Extreme Autofest) and his awesome Lancer GT as well as our cover feature car from Juan's 300c and to many other great cars!
Definitely check out some of the highlights of the cars at the Relaxing in SoCal car show here and many more with more details to come!

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