Totally Amazing 2017 Progressive International Motorcycle Show Long Beach @Motorcycleshows Big Highlights on Media Day! #IMS #motorcycleshows

This is the big highlight of the huge Progressive Motorcycle Show Long Beach 2017 even though we only covered a small portion of it!  So many head turners here that you will love motorcycles even if you haven't ridden one before! / Py Pai
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This year's Progressive International Motorcycle Show (IMS) Long Beach is full of wonders and beauties.  Many manufacturers showcased their 2018 motorcycle models that are simply eye popping.  The slicker designs, better fuel efficiency,  more customer centric, stronger builds, lighter builds, and all kinds of innovations to both the hardware bodies as well as software user interface of the bikes.

Each major companies talked about the glorious achievements since the last year's show, and more importantly introduced their new darling to the media crowd.  Harley Davidson has a road cruiser that is more convenient to riders with better customization. Suzuki came out a very urban user friendly model that is easy to maneuver and also super economical.  Ducati unveiled their Scrambler model with the actual actress from their commercial video, talking about her filming experience and stories.

A big presence was put by J&P Cycles on the main aisles with specialty bikes. Exotics is not enough to describe them.  They are totally the true spirits of freedom motorcycle builders.  Check them out at the show, and if you cannot, here they are at the bottom of the article, with red carpets.

Overall, this is one of the most enjoyable IMS and we totally look forward to going back again tomorrow and bring more back to you all!