BMW CCA and Funfzehn Auto of Orange CA Had a Wonderful BMW Car and Open House Event #Funfzehn #BMWCCA / W&HM Staff

2018/7/24: Contents have been updated to correctly reflect the hosting organization BMW CCA

Funfzehn Auto is in the heart of the Orange County and they provide excellent BMW and car services.  Together with BMW CCA, "the world’s largest owner supported single-marque car club", they hosted a great event with awesome vintage and modern BMW cars and their proud owners.

Under this sunny Sunday morning, Funfzehn Auto had an open house car meet right at their store front. Together with BMW CCA, there were multiple lines of BMW both vintage in showroom condition and modern with heavy mods for a show of BMW community support.  Proud owners and BMW enthusiasts were enjoying a great time with BBQ and soft drinks as well as ice creams, especially in this hot day.

There were many vintage cars at the meet.  The pristine condition of these cars showed the love of the car owners for their 30+ year old classics and vintage.  In the next few days we will provide more coverage of the cars that we captured in our cameras to show their awesome works and maintenance and passions that their owners displayed.

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