Even More Fierce Drifting Actions during 2018 Formula Drift New Jersey

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / Photography by contributing photographer Neil DeVera

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / Photos and Text by Guest Contributor Neil DeVera

Wall Speedway, normally known for it's oval track racing was not the case when Formula D came into town.   Who would have thought a 1/3 mile, banked oval track opened in 60-plus years ago would host a drfting event.   Well the time came and eventually gone, and so did Formula D drifting event.

Fiberglass, steel, rubber, electronics, fuel and an experienced driver are "all" you need to put together to come up with a winning team.  This year the track layout was slightly different, resulting in a slightly slower course compared to the other layouts of other tracks hosting Formula D drifting events.  No matter what, numerous tandem battles among team members and opposing drivers along with professional drivers made for a day full of smoke and exciting runs.  There were numerous 'one more time battles' and when all was said and done, the podium ended up as follows (P1) James Dean powered by his Worthouse Nissan S15, (P2) Matt Field supporting a Chevy Corvette and (P3) Justin Pawlak in a Roush Ford Mustang.
2 of 2:  You name the drive he was bound to be there: Odi Bakchis, Jemes Deane, Fredric Aasbo, Matt Field, Vaughn Gittin Jr, Ken Gushi and Alex Heilbrunn....to name a few.  Not to mention during the fan walk thru in the pit area, you'd be able to get your picture with your favorite driver and also their autograph.

One unique team that caught my eye was the Ferrari 599 that was driven by Federico Sceriffo.   Not only was it in yellow in color but it's a body that one rarely sees on a drifting track.....

At sundown, only 1 drive was able to win the prize - it was James Deane who took the important P1 at Wall Speedway.   Congrats to James Deane and team Worthouse!

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