2019 Hot Wheels Legends Tour Stop Continues its Celebrity and Prized Car Celebration, by W&HM

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2019 Hot Wheels Legends Tour Stop at El Segundo, CA

Hot Wheels Legends Tour is truly a unique and interesting car show that is different than any other car shows that we covered. You get to see in person the specialty cars that many Hot Wheels cool model cars were replicated from.  And the appearances of celebrities like Jay Leno, and our cover model Constance Nunes, were totally a fantastic experience to enjoy at the event.

Under the very warm Southern California day unlike the past cool days, here at the Hot Wheels company headquarter vast parking lot, the Hot Wheels toy car company has put together a larger than model car and true to life car show event to showcase some of their legendary cars from the past.  Many flashy and well storied Hot Wheels cars were on display together with their scale models.  It's a perfect outing opportunity for model car enthusiasts as well as whole families to have a Saturday afternoon bonding experience.

Here at the this particular tour stop, they were going to judge and award the car that will be crowned with a model car of the winner.  Among the judges, the legendary car collector Jay Leno and our cover model Constance Nunes and several famous and important car personalities were the experts to give this high honor at the show.

And at the Hot Wheels product booth we discovered that they also have auto care products on display.  The Hot Wheels are selling the detailing kits that include all different types of cleaning and shining and finishing products.  Additionally they also  have tool kits like sponges to include in a bucket as a kit solution.  On top of these, there are also two limited edition buckets that have even more additional products and merchandise inside the bucket.   According to the booth owner these products are available in all fine card cares and detailing stores.

One of the interesting show happenings is that a cool guy who's from Ridgecrest in central California brought his own many Hot Wheels toy cars to give give away to kids at the car show.  He said that he goes to car shows and gives these model cars to show his charity.  The benevolence of the guy as well as the excitements and smiles from the kids who received a free Hot Wheels cars is simply priceless.

Overall this is a wonderful car show put together by the Hot Wheels toy car company.  This is the second year of their touring and we can see a great car show legend is being created.  It's a great family outing experience and gave children a wonderful opportunity to see all different cars that are modified as well as custom made to showcase their individual personality.

We totally look forward to the next year's tour already!

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