Pittman Outdoor Company Show Truck and Tents and Air Mattresses And Playpacksat Off-Road Expo 2019 Pomona @offroadexpo, by W&HM #offroadexpo

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We met up Pittman Outdoor company that produce the biggest display of truck tents in the Off-Road Expo this year.  The sheer size of the tents on top, on the sides, and extended, would impress an RV owner, yet it's compact and requires little storage space.  When we climbed up to the tent, it's huge!  It's like a mini bedroom on top of the truck.  And their air mattresses have indents that fit a truck bed with wheel bulk consideration.  The tough fabric can withstand BBQ sauce spilled on them, and the self-supplied rechargeable air compressor can pump the mattress in about two minutes.  Totally it's for families for outdoor fun, and can be a snap, rather than a commitment to a large vehicle.

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