2019 SEMA Highlights, This Gigantic Show is Bigger and More Awesome Than Ever Before, by W&HM @semashow #sema

The Great SEMA Show has a huge turn out and is one of the best shows we attended in our decade long coverage history

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The Awesome 2019 SEMA Show

We always love to attend SEMA show as it is one of the largest top all-automobile-related events in the world.  For the ten years that we have covered, we've seen various transformations in terms of vendor presence, attendee participation, show floor expansion and promotional activities.  Among all these ten years, we can say that this year's show is one of the best shows that we've seen.

The high turn out of the attendees reflects that the optimism of the automobile aftermarket parts and tools and services industries.  There is a highly welcome trend as the whole car industry is going through an evolutionary transformation itself.  With more and more focus on the experiential purpose of vehicles than essential mechanical maintenance and upgrades, cars are more and more an extension to lifestyle instead of daily commute necessity.  We witnessed the rising tsunami of off road activities as well as outdoor outings.  Plus the good old tradition of high performance cars that boast power and speed are already way beyond the need to transport from point A to point B.  It is reflected in the vendor offerings and product innovations and services provisioning in this year's grand show.

The show as conventional, is a long 4-day event, but as usual we felt that it's never enough time to really get into all the places that we want to explore and find more news to bring back all.  We always look forward to the SEMA show every year and already cannot wait for the next year's.

Now let's take a closer look at the various exciting companies, products, services showcases and promotions at the 2019 SEMA show!

Dazzling Wheels in South Hall

Early in the show, we were focusing on the South Hall, which is exactly the lifestyle prime area at the SEMA show.  The highly articulated wheel designs and constructions have lured many people who want to experience an upgrade or update to their rides to show their personality, social status, or adding some bragging rights.

At the Wheels section is always great to see different vendors producing various styles of wheels fitted for different lifestyles.  This year we are seeing more and more off road and their brand extensions to enter this market.  Across the deep hall, there are rows and rows of vendors that cater to different types of customer bases.  Luxury, performance, off road, custom low riders, specialty and more are presenting dazzling technologies and designs of their crafts.

We are very excited about having these wheels coming out with new Innovations year after year and lead the market to a higher level all lifestyle enjoyment.

Promotions and Unveiling

There were many companies doing vehicle and product unveiling events.  One of the successful examples is Garrett's "B is for Build" Lamborghini unveil that was super charged with twin-supercharged engine.  There was also a great unveil at Motul, the legendary oil company, showcased a race car like vehicle unveiling at the booth.  This car, "Radical", not only looks like a Formula 1 car but it's already UK street legal and they're working on bringing it to the United States as well as other countries in Europe to make them run and seen at the streets across the globe.

Various vendors brought their best to the show in different format to help promote their messages and coolness.  Many have celebrities, car unveiling, as well as promotional modeling (see in our promo section.)

Off-road Trend Continues Strong

The off-road trend has been at the top of many and most vendors' minds for several years.  This trend continues this year with strong support from the consumer market too.  We can see that not only Jeep and Ford brought in their trucks and off-road equipment but also Mopar, Truck Hero and other vendors have strong support to this market too.

The Brand New Overland Experience Section

This year's SEMA has a newly added section called Overland Experience.  This is where the outdoor lifestyle set up for outdoor activities and experiences love that includes the over the truck tent as well as off-road experiences.  SEMA has done a great job single out a trend in the consumer market of "Overland" outdoor lifestyle.  This increasingly both leisure and practical applications of these vehicles are a great welcome to consumers.

With the glamping camping style flourishing, these vehicle setup allows the weekenders and the dedicated outdoors-people to enjoy their fully equipped living setup without missing home too much.  On the other hand, an insuring trend is minimizing living requirements and configuration down to "Tiny Home".  These overland demos provide a great way for people to be inspired for this life arrangement.  Although these vehicle designs may not have the Tiny Home in mind but they definitely can cross over to a new lifestyle.

Ford Bronco Resurface

The car manufacturer Ford is enjoying a reminiscent of their Bronco days as there were quite a few Ford Bronco in pristine condition that were shown at different convention Halls for their loyal followers and the enthusiastic owners.

Make it Shine, Make it Loud and Make it Look Brighter

At the car detailing section we saw so many vendors that provide excellent products that help consumers protect their car exteriors.  The product and innovations can take from new detailing , ceramic coating to invisible film on paint.  All these are giving consumers better protection and long-lasting exterior luck and better return on investment off their cars

The auto-audio department is not shabby.  Many loud speakers were being demonstrated to the entire North hall sometimes.  Also the fitting to lifestyle requirements in off-road, or cruise-bikes, and others are all woke up attendees' attentions.

Overall we are all very excited about every year's SEMA show.  There are always new products to see, new services to check out and new technologies to break ground.  It's the confirmation of our sense of consumer appetites and vendor supplies.  We look forward to the next year's as our 11th year coverage!

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