BKT Tire Company Brought Scooby-Doo! Monster Truck to Wow The Autience at SEMA 2019, by W&HM @semashow #sema

The iconic 70's Cartoon Television dog-nality Scooby-Doo! has been a great hit for the SEMA 2019 show attendees, giving the sponsor BKT Tire a great boost of gigantic scale and presence

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The tire company BKT has brought a crowd-pleasing eye-catching monster truck of Scooby-Doo! to the SEMA show.  The highly recognizable cartoon character has a immediate draw to the attendees of the SEMA show and the three person crew team has showed up to do autograph signing as well.

The monster truck Scooby-Doo! itself is almost like a two-story high with all the liquid and air tubes and circuits going through inside and outside just like a contemporary architectural style art piece.  The shape and graphics on the body is totally a signature of Scooby-Doo!

One can imagine when it's in an arena of monster trucks it would draw so much attention and support for their acts and we highly commend that the tire company BKT has brought me such a great entertainment and great personality listen to the SEMA show

BKT Tire's Scooby-Doo! Monster Truck in 2019 SEMA Picture Gallery: 

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