Exciting and Gigantic 2019 LA Autoshow Debuted So Many New Cars and Models, by W&HM, #laautoshow

LA Autoshow is a major auto show among other auto show giants.  This year's new models and cars debutee are staggering and many did not disappoint either.  We see customer-focused designs and electrification of vehicles take center stage

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This year's LA Autoshow is a gigantic show case of new car and model debuts. According to the official count, there are about 65+ new models and year updates.  This is a grand feast of what the cars are coming not only next year, but also next decades.  For car lovers, this is the great chance to see the direction the technologies are driving, and what consumers are looking for and what manufacturers react to.

Sprawingl across LA Convention Center, South Hall, Central Hall, West Hall, and Kentia Hall, all the major car manufacturers brought their brights and newest and beyond-future concepts to the show floors.  There were almost non-stop press conferences to showcase their newest innovations and machinery.

This year, we primarily first focus on the car manufacturers that support the California Clean Air Act, namely Ford, BMW, VW, and Honda.  In this day and age, we believe that the clean air is all what we should strive for to maintain and to do better for our health and the next generations and the nature.  For profit at the expense of social and environmental costs is just not in fashion any more.

Ford - Mustang Mach-E, the fully electrical car that got all the pre-show attention

Ford's Mustang Mach-E all electrical car gathered all the attention of the press and public when they unveiled in to the world.  It is a major shift to the electrical car industry,  Even Elon Musk commended this major entry to the all electrical car market.  It's the future of the technologies for sure as the renewal energy is abundant and getting vast improvements on their efficiency and feasibility.  

Ford is building their charging stations, but you can charge the car already at home.  Here are the mileage per hour out of the power sockets: 
  • Ford charging station: 32 miles / hour-charge
  • Home 240V: 22 miles / hour-charge
  • Home 120V: 3 miles / hour charge
It has estimated targeted range of 300 miles.  Even though it varies, it certainly should be adequet for daily traffic grinds as well as weekend small get aways.

BMW - 2-series, the updated series catered to luxury brand chaser

BMW is not letting all the press go to other announcements.  They debuted the all new 2-series updated Gran Coupe sedans at this year's LA Autoshow.  The 2-door front wheels or all wheels drive cars signal a new direction for the BMW car lovers.

There are other exciting new cars too, including, Porsche - Taycan 4S, totally electrical Porsche, the all new electrical Porsche keeps the slick styling and legendary Porsche look.  Sitting inside, it's roomy and has that race car surround view feel.  It certainly would wow the existing and new Porsche fans.  KIA - Seltos, brand new compact SUV line, the brand new line was debuted by a highly fancy press conference, and it highlighted the nature crossing and fun-hugging nature of this sub-compact SUV.  The varying selections of colors and trims make it event more exciting to both tree-lovers and city-curisers.  Mercedes Benz - AMG GLE 63, the big SUV seating 7, and it's big.  It is a very good size for a big family or for corporate meeting transportation.

There are so many exciting new cars and shiny paints.  Definitely we will bring you more in details in the following postings.  We totally love LA Autoshow as it grows bigger and stronger and bolder and much more fun!

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