Highlights of 2019 Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Long Beach, by W&HM, @motorcycleshows #ims2019

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This year's International Motorcycle Shows is the best ever for us!  Throughout the press conferences from all major motorcycle manufacturers, introducing their new bikes and 2020 updates, we also participated in some of the first-person experience of electrical bike, electrical motorcycle, and safe wheelie training.

The Progressive International Motorcycle Shows is the premier southern California motorcycle show that hosts all the key motorcycle makers as well as market places for many vendors.

Among various press conferences, we learned new models are being introduced and 2020 updates were provided.  We will continue our coverage throughout to provide the first-person accounts of these exciting press conferences.

Besides the highly news-worthy activities, there is also the "Discover the Ride" by Zero Motorcycle and Yamaha electrical bike and motorcycle trials.  These are the opportunities to have first timers or even seasoned riders to learn and experience the electrical bikes and motorcycles themselves.  After our smooth riding of both, we say it's totally worth the experiences and definitely recommend anybody has remote interests in trying motorcycles and electrical bikes.  This mini-arena setup is a great culmination of the sweats and time and negotiations by the show organizer and the Zero Motorcycle and Yamaha electrical bicycles.  It will run in all the Motorcycle Shows locations so don't miss it!

The lively participation of the motorcycle companies and the market vendors as well as the show attendees have made this show a great weekend for motorcycle fans and lovers alike, as well as for families to spend a fun and educational quality time together.

We look forward to the next year's already!  Great job the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows team!!

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