Many Photos of SEMA 2019 Overland Experience Hall Show Setups, by W&HM, @semashow #sema

The newest trend of outdoor experiential lifestyle is firmly rooted in the SEMA 2019 show "Overland Experience" section

★ / Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai
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We are very excited about the brand new "Overland Experience" section inside the Performance Pavilion.  We saw several major outfitting of trucks that make that turn trucks into a home away from home setup.  We see more and more people are getting into the glamping (glamorous camping) lifestyle.

Instead of camping on the ground this is a great way that you can stay within your reach and enjoyed all the amenities without touching the ground.  It gives the freedom to people that you can go anywhere from the National Parks or even Walmart parking lots that you can have the feeling that you are still not too far from your own home and continue your journey to your next destination.

By just looking at the pictures of these fuels set up and drive very encouraging to be thinking of next trip with the such glamping equipment.

SEMA 2019 Overland Experience Section Photo Gallery: 

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