Motortrend Magazine's Highly Articulated 1974 Ford Bronco at 2019 SEMA, by W&HM @semashow #sema

★ / W&HM Staff

Motor Trend Magazine has brought in a classic well built Ford Bronco to SEMA this year.  This Bronco is a highly custom built and has all the beautiful quality in the construction of the legendary Ford Bronco.

Here are some of the specs and great teams who made this happened:

  • 1974 Ford Bronco, presented by Gold Star
  • Build Time (Total): 5 days
  • Engine: Ford Motorsports 302 / 340 HP
  • Chassis: Golden Star Classic Auto Parts
  • Trim: LMC truck
  • Exhaust: Hooker Exhaust
  • Transmission: Gearstar Performance Transmissions
  • Transmission: 4 speed automatic
  • Paint and Body: 3M and BASF by Classic Truck Supply
  • Cooling/Braking Systems: Duralast
  • Gauges: Dakota Digital
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1974 Ford Bronco Photo Gallery:

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