Winjet Debuted Before Market Availability their Brand New Off Road Lighting Kit at 2019 SEMA, by W&HM, @semashow #sema2019

Before the general public can see it touch it or know about it, Winjet has shown SEMA attendees their brand new design still in pre-production off road lighting kits in 2019 SEMA Show

★ / Py Pai
Winjets the lightning equipment company continues their success in the high performance car lighting for custom modified cars across the industry.  Now they're introducing a new product that is for Off-Road Jeeps and trucks on the road.   The kit's looks hyper surrealist and very articulated.

The way they design the lighting is with the consideration of the off road durability especially with the rough condition that lighting could be an important element of the experience.  The tough styling and unique light design really win the audience on this one.  Currently it's yet available as of this writing but it will be available in a few months to general public.
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