Kawasaki Motorcycle Press Conference at 2019 Progressive International Motorcycle show Long Beach, by W&HM, @motrocycleshows #IMS #IMS2019

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Kawasaki Motorcycle brought new updates and keep the soul of their bold riding statement at 2019 Progressive International Motorcycle Show Long Beach

Here are some excerpts from the press conference at Kawasaki Motorcycle:

"Our bikes should be fun and rewarding to control.  This is a no-brainer.  We never want to step away from that element that we all feel as riders when you get out of here on two wheels.

Ninja Z1000 SX now has a lot of sport touring capabilities.  We got a lot of new features here.  New increase in comfort added to that sport touring capability....  New cruise control which is important on this model for those long distance rides...

For performance so it is still a Ninja and it is about performance.  So we're making sure that bloodline carries through along with that new accessories across the board to really help the writer to customize and enhance their bikes.

A big part of this package is the electronics and new for 2022 Ninja Z1000 SX received our electronic Bosch IMU.  This is the technology package that you've seen on our ninja ZX12R ZX10R as well as last year.

For this year the Ninja 650 get some updates and our campaign tagline is ride bold and we carry that through because whether you're on a ninja ZX10R or a Ninja 650 every Rider wants to stand out and have that ninja look look and feel and with the 650 it's all about that styling..."

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