W&HM PR Relay: Organizers of Progressive IMS Outdoors Launch Season 2 of Centerstand: A Motorcycle Industry Podcast @motorcycleshows

W&HM Press Relay: 

 Organizers of Progressive IMS Outdoors Launch Season 2 of Centerstand: A Motorcycle Industry Podcast  

  • The new season will explore tactical insights on how to execute on ideas and programs discussed in Season 1.  
  • Season 2 Episode 1 features Coyne Powersports and Fasthouse where theydiscuss the challenges dealers and retailers faced amid-pandemic and how they are responding to continue industry growth; listen here 

JANUARY 27, 2021 – The Informa Markets’ Powersports team, organizers of the Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows® (IMS), Progressive IMS Outdoors, and ContinueTheRide.com, today launched Season 2 of Centerstand, an industry podcast specifically curated for the professional Powersports community to elevate the entire motorcycle industry through actionable and engaging insights. Available for listening and downloading on continuetheride.com/centerstand as well as popular podcast platforms Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and Spotify, new episodes of Centerstand will air every other Wednesday starting January 27, featuring candid and informative interviews with Powersports insiders diving into timely hot topics, including:

  • Integration of technology into the dealer customer experience;
  • How to get kids interested in riding through books, merchandise, kids’ zones, etc.;
  • Programs that support youth riding and build a new generation of riders;
  • Programs that encourage aspiring and current women riders;
  • Engagement of riders who drove unit sales in 2020;
  • And more.   

Started in July of 2020, the B2B focused podcast was designed to provide listeners the unique opportunity to hear from key players across the industry discussing actionable sales and marketing tactics, and the future, to gain an in-depth analysis on how to connect with current motorcycle riders and discover new customers, to grow the industry together.  

Season 2 of Centerstand will continue to be hosted by motorcycle industry veteran, new rider advocate, and IMS' Discover the Ride Program Manager, Robert Pandya. Following the success of Season 1, which wrapped December 2020, the new season will explore how to execute on ideas and programs discussed in its inaugural season. “We’re fired up to produce Centerstand for another season,” said Pandya. “Last year’s surprises are leading to new business ideas and solutions, which leads to more interesting conversations. It’s important we keep this unexpected industry momentum going and in Season 2 we will deliver our listeners tactical insights to do that and grow Powersports together.”

In addition to Centerstand, the Informa Markets’ Powersports team will continue to support the professional Powersports community alongside its upcoming IMS Outdoors Tour with its Business e-newsletter and Industry Edition blog, also hosted on Continue The Ride.  

About Continue The Ride 

The Powersports Group of Informa Markets is bringing its expertise to the digital sphere; curating and creating original Powersports content that won’t be found anywhere else. Our mission is to help enthusiasts and industry professionals Continue The Ride beyond the asphalt, dirt roads, tracks, and event-spaces.

About Progressive IMS Outdoors (motorcycleshows.com) 
Progressive IMS Outdoors is an evolution of the Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows® tour’s nearly 40-year stint that not only transitions IMS from the traditional convention center setup to a new open outdoor experience but will also create a festival-like atmosphere that promotes enthusiasts of all ages and levels to come together to better engage with products, each other, and the industry. While continuing its presence as the nation’s largest consumer motorcycle tour, Progressive IMS Outdoors will support the growth of the Powersports community by offering a unique experience the industry has yet to see. Coming summer 2021, dates and locations for Progressive IMS Outdoors will be announced in December. IMS Outdoors is organized by Informa Markets, a division within Informa PLC, a leading B2B information services group and the largest B2B Events organizer in the world. To learn more and for the latest news and information, visit www.informa.com 

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