Legendary Dai Yoshihara's Farewell Race Car at Formula Drift Irwindale Title Fight 2021 #Formuladrift #FDIRW


The Legendary Drifting Champion Daijiro Yoshihara Farewell Race Car - The Last Good Look 

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Before we even entered the reportage scene of Formula Drift events, we've heard of the legendary drifting champion "Dai" Yoshihara through our friends at various drifting events. 

He's a staple of the professional drifting top competition scenes. We often saw him competing for the final title or the top spot of overall performances.

This year he has announced his retirement from the Formula Drift series after a long pro drifting career.  We sure will miss him and his bright smile at the Falken Tire autograph booth, or at the opening ceremonies, or on the podiums.

Here is the first coverage of him on his fine-tuned craft. We will get more of his last action in competition as well as his farewell to a roaring supportive crowd.

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