Event Highlights - Creativity Bursting and Rider Fellowship Powwow at the 2022 June OC Bike Meet Event and Professional Photo Shoot

Creativity Bursting and Rider Fellowship Powwow at the 2022 June OC Bike Meet Event and Professional Photo Shoot

★ On-Location Coverage, Photographed and Reported by Py Pai
Wheels and Heels Magazine / www.wheelsandheelsmag.com

  • Model: Kaay / IG: @Kaayfoxxy
  • Organizer: Jojo / IG: @FollowingJoJo 
  • Event: OC Bike Meets, June 2022 / IG: @ocbikemeets
  • Photographer: Py Pai / IG: @pypaiphoto

The Inaugural OC Bike Meets Event

We attended the very first OC Bike Meets by the Mesa Loft Studios in Costa Mesa, CA.

Under the very relentless SoCal sun, we arrived at a mixed-use business complex with plenty of parking space and cool music blasted in the air. We were invited to attend the inaugural event of the OC Bike Meets event. Honestly, we did not know what to expect as this is the first time for us.

Real Motorcycle Rider Meet 

There were motorcycles lined up at the front of the studio entrance, and people were casually chatting like good old friends getting together. There were no super hardcore modders wanting to flash their latest parts installed on their motorcycles.

Instead, it's more like folks actually riding their motorcycles roaming across mountains and streets. Their odometers show the true colors of their real ownership of their machines.

Model and Bike Photoshoot

We walked into the Mesa Loft Studios space, and we found a very interesting and unconventional set up in a car meet. There is a studio space with a motorcycle in the center and a model working with a photographer. We thought to ourselves,

"This is a true wheels and heels event!"

Turned out the photographer is the owner of the event and studio, Jojo from NLE management. He put together this ultra-interesting event to bring more exposure and interest to both models and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Fun and Relaxing Event 

Accompanied by upbeat and energetic music by the DJ and artist Chico, the studio is a fully alive photoshoot session. The professional model, Kim, posed for the photographers around her for a full model and bike theme photoshoot. 

Besides live music, light-heated atmosphere, there is a raffle for the participants in this totally free event. There are some cool prizes to be grabbed by the winners. The raffle at the event is like adding cherries to the icing, on top of a cake.

This is so interesting that we captured a few shots of the model and the bike and created our own version of the coverage shots. 

Sponsors That Helped The Event a Reality

The show has major sponsors including LEXIN and Shark Squad Motorcycle Attorneys. Both are very important in the motorcycle industry in the fields or audio and motorcycle insurance respectively. It's great to see this community is built with key constituents.

Future OC Bike Meets Monthly Events

As we learned later on, this is a monthly event and has been planned for the next two months already. If you are interested in a free photoshoot session with models and bikes, this event could be a great opportunity to create your own version of the "wheels and heels" portfolio.

Here is more information from the event organizer:

  • OC Bike Meets (www.OCbikeMeets.com / Instagram.com/OCbikeMeets)
  • July 2nd, 2022 & August 13th, 2022
  • Location: the Mesa Loft Studios in Costa Mesa, CA
  • Free Monthly Motorcycle Meet & Ride
  • All Bikes Welcome & Classic Cars
  • Free Photoshoot with your bike & models
  • Awesome Raffle with tons of prizes from our sponsors
  •  Hosted by JoJo @FollowingJoJo

Here are more coverage photos from the W&HM's in-person coverage:

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